Variable geometry

VG2No !  Not a three legged lift, but the usable widths that can be obtained from the Movemate cabinet mover. The unique ability offered by the Movemate to easily widen its forks allows a total footprint of 1000mm x 800mm in any position down to 400mm wide  Accepting that at all times loads of up to 1 tonne can be achieved this represents an amazing tool for anyone having to move any heavy un palletised load.


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Shades of Grey

The Movemate cabinet mover now comes in a stylish silver metallic grey with the usual striking red handle. The standard yellow colour has now been completely superseded by the grey across the complete range of handling equipment. However the manufacturer can supply Movemates in any colour so long as they conform to the standard RAL colour system commonly used across Europe.

Costs will be at a premium unless you can order 5 or more at one time.



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New Product

The Movemate Bartruck variable geometry work holding lift was originally designed as a bar holder/feeder in machine workshops, but due to the unique design features it has been used in a variety of different applications including Military, Aerospace, Automotive and Plastics. The standard lift can be extended from 1000mm to 1750mm in length with lift heights of up to 1500mm. However bespoke designs can be produced for any length or height


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Another 2nd hand Movemate

We have another fully refurbished Movemate 59 500 cabinet mover for sale £925 plus vat

Spec –  1/2 tonne safe working load 1025mm long fork


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A multitude of Movemates

Recently brought together for a service and maintenance overhaul, part of the complete range of Movemate cabinet movers, available for hire are pictured. Every year the cabinet movers are stripped and rebuilt to ensure that the engineering is sound and that the lift is performing at 100 percent. Loler inspections are essential for this type of equipment as they perform invaluable work in the office environment on very tight timescales.


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Secondhand Movemate cabinet mover –

Movemate 59 500 Cabinet Mover –  Safe Working Load 500kg  Fork Length 1025mm fully refurbished and certified.  £1050.00 plus VATAug 2014:2 Aug 2014:3

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National Stadium’s winning formula continues

A  Movemate 75 cabinet mover was supplied to Wembley Stadium today in readiness for the arrival of the FA. They will be bringing an additional 240 staff into  offices at the stadium over the next few months.


National Stadium’s winning formula continues

National Stadium’s winning formula continues

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Pre-owned Movemate

We currently have a good condition pre-owned Movemate 59 available.

The lift has just been serviced and comes with a 1 year warranty on parts.


  • Safe working load 500Kg
  • One metre long forks.

For an up to date price and delivery details please contact Chris Moore on 01635 569500


Movemate 59 with fully loaded cabinet

Movemate 59 with fully loaded cabinet

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New workshop for Movemate Handling Equipment

The new workshop based at Crookham in West Berkshire comprises of 1200 sq ft, all servicing and repair will be carried out at this location and the surplus space will be available to clients for archiving, storage and projects for more information contact Chris on 01635 569500


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