Manuvit video showing the “Movemate” in action

This versatile little truck has been at the forefront of commercial moves for nearly twenty years and has become the Facilities Managers “go-to” piece of equipment. The variable geometry allows the user to pick and place a wide variety of objects within the scope of the 1000 x 800mm footprint. Cabinets, crates, printers, even vending machines all present no problem to this ingenious device.

More and more the city workplace has become architecturally sophisticated and therefore it presents a greater challenge to commercial movers, consequently they are required to adopt the highest level of care and health and safety standards while performing “churn” or an office move. The fabric of many buildings use a diverse number of materials including steel, glass, marble, granite and other exotic materials, all these need protecting during any movement. The Movemate with its soft polyurethane wheels and secure orientation allows movement throughout most buildings with the minimum of effort and maximum efficiency.

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